Spring-spiral conveyor

Application The spring-spiral conveyor is a device that is used for the mechanical transport of dry bulk materials such as powders, granules or dusts. It can also be used as a dosing device. Description The basic element is a flexible spring placed in the transport pipe. From the top, the gearmotor drive is attached to […]

Screw conveyor

przenośnik ślimakowy

Application Screw conveyor is a device that is used for mechanical transport of bulk materials such as powders, granules or dusts. It can also be used as a dosing device. Description The basic components of the conveyor are the body, inside which is mounted the shaft with the spiral, bearing and drive. Screw conveyors are […]

Big-Bag Loading Station

Stacja załadunku worków big bag

Application Big-Bag loading and weighing station is designated to measure the weight of dry goods such as granulates, grain and powders, straight into the Big-Bag. Applying the innovative bag sealing system has eliminated the problem of the product dusting during the loading process. Stations are highly efficient and can be operated in the explosion risk […]

Pneumatic transport testing station

Stanowisko badawcze transportu pneumatycznego

Purpose Pneumatic transport testing station – its role is to empirically match the most optimal parameters of the pneumatic transport. Performing tests allows to design installations with optimum parameters, and to predict solutions to the upcoming transport problems when still at the design stage. Station constructing Tank 01.01- as a raw material buffer, a rubber […]

Pneumatic transport

Application Pneumatic transport is the use of a gas stream to transport loose and granular materials. This technology is used in the food, chemical, construction industries, etc. Description The main pneumatic transport systems are: vacuum transport overpressure transport.   The pneumatic transport system consists of:  power device (fan / blower / compressor / vacuum pump) […]

Vehicle tippler

Application Vehicle tippler is a hydraulic device used to tilt loaded vehicles to unload them with gravity. Description The tippler structure consists of lower and upper frames. Upper frame is covered with roughened sheet metal, equipped with the inspection lids. Lower frame has a rocker mounted to it, enabling rotation of the hydraulic cylinder when […]

Starch silo – starch storage system

Application Starch silo is designated for storing the starch flour, and its wor- king capacity is 10 000 tons. The silo can be accompanied by the raw material loading, unloading and pneumatic transport installations. Description Silo is a vertical cylinder-shaped tank with a diameter of 27m and total height of 35.74m. The main construction component […]

Sugar silo – sugar storing system

Application Silo is designated for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, granulates. Silo can be accompanied by installations of loading, unloading, and pneumatic transport of the raw material. Description Silo is built out of acid resistant steel. It is placed on a foundation slab and mounted to the slab with screws. On the outside […]

Automatic collection and transport of coffee samples to the lab

Application: Coffee transmission station is designated for collection and pneumatic transport of ground coffee samples collected from the mill for the receiving devices in the lab. Description: Coffee sample is poured into the tank of the transmission station by gravity. After filling the tank with coffee, the flood valve is shut and excessive pressure is […]