Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry
Detergents and cosmetics
toilet cubes installation for the production of toilet cubes
urea urea storage installations, urea transport installations, urea dosing equipment
perhydrol installations for the transport of perhydrol; installation for storing of perhydrol;
installations for pneumatic transport of pigments, installations for storing pigments, installations for dosing pigments
dishwashing liquid
dishwashing liquid transport installations; dishwashing liquid storage installation; dishwashing liquid dosing devices
glass cleaner
installations for the transport of glass cleaner; installations for glass cleaner storage; glass cleaner dispenser
washing powder
equipment for washing powder dust extraction; installation for transporting of wasing powder
installations for the production of disinfectants, devices for dosing disinfectants, installations for transporting and packing disinfectants
alkaline agents
devices and tanks for the storage of alkaline agents, devices for dosing alkaline agents, installations for transporting and packaging alkaline agents
pasta instalacje do produkcji pasty; instalacje mieszania, dozowania, transportowania, magazynowania półproduktów do produkcji pasty,
soap installations for transporting soap; soap storage installations; dosing of soap
shampoo installations for transporting liquids shampoo; shampoo storage installations; shampoo dosage device;
bath products
bath products transport installations; bath products storage installations; bath products dosage device
sulfur installations for the production of sulfuric acid, installations for the storage and transport of sulfur

Technological installations for the chemical industry

We design and manufacture devices, machines and complete installations for the chemical industry.

We design and build installations used in the production, transport and storage of household chemicals, industrial chemicals such as paints and putties, varnishes and cosmetics.

We offer equipment and technological lines used in all branches of the chemical industry. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer for specific industries and raw materials