Sugar silo – sugar storing system

Sugar silo – sugar storing system

Sugar silo – sugar storing system


Silo is designated for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, granulates. Silo can be accompanied by installations of loading, unloading, and pneumatic transport of the raw material.


Silo is built out of acid resistant steel. It is placed on a foundation slab and mounted to the slab with screws. On the outside there is a rock wool insulation covered with aluminum sheet or stainless sheet.
Silo is equipped with parts preventing rapid pressure growth or drop, or an explosion:
• Dust remover (fan, bag filters)
• Negative pressure valve
• Anti-explosion lids

In the cone-shaped part there are vibration hammers and an active bottom enabling the product unloading. On the bottom, there is a rotary feeder. Silo is equipped with a complete system of intake and disposition of a product by the pneumatic transport

Technical data*

Complete installation of the silo loading and unloading consists of the following:
• silo V=70 m3,
• pneumatic transport pipelines,
• magnetic separator,
• pneumatic separators,
• pneumatic transport blower,
• weighing module,
• air drier,
• anti-explosive protection system (membranes).
• protection from pressure growth or drop (pressure
evening valves)
• silo unloading support system (active bottoms, pneumatic hammers system)

*Technological parameters, device configuration and construction is individually adjusted to the needs of a customer.