Vehicle tippler

Vehicle tippler

Vehicle tippler


Vehicle tippler is a hydraulic device used to tilt loaded vehicles to unload them with gravity.


The tippler structure consists of lower and upper frames. Upper frame is covered with roughened sheet metal, equipped with the inspection lids. Lower frame has a rocker mounted to it, enabling rotation of the hydraulic cylinder when lifting the upper frame. Lifting the upper frame is enabled by a system of telescopic actuators which by sliding out make the frame rise together with a vehicle up to a maximum angle of 30°.


Technical specifications*

Key components of the tippler:

  • upper frame
  • lower frame
  • hydraulic actuators

Tippler dimensions: 19600 x 3000 x 360 [mm]

Max. Operating angle – 30°

Lifting capacity (carrying capacity) – 60 t.

* Technological parameters and construction are individually adjusted to the needs of a customer