Big-Bag Loading Station

Big-Bag Loading Station

Big-Bag Loading Station


Big-Bag loading and weighing station is designated to measure the weight of dry goods such as granulates, grain and powders, straight into the Big-Bag. Applying the innovative bag sealing system has eliminated the problem of the product dusting during the loading process. Stations are highly efficient and can be operated in the explosion risk zones.


Big-Bag station is consists of three major systems:

Weighing system – based on the strain gauge converters. The purpose of the weighing system is a precise weight determination of the weighed product.

Compression system – built out of two vibration motors which use vibration to compress the product in the Big-Bag. Vibrationplate is separated from the lower frame of the scales with the
vibro-insulators which are to minimize the vibration transfer between the vibration system and the rest of the scales construction.

Bag sealing system – key components of the system are replaceable pouring heads. Each of them is equipped with a pouring stub pipe, an aspiration stub pipe, and a bag sealing system,
pneumatic or mechanical depending on a version.

Technical specification*

The basic elements of the station are:

  • metal structure
  • hermetic head
  • strain gauges
  • vibration motors
  • control panel


*Technological parameters and construction are individually adjusted to the needs of a custome