Pneumatic transport

Pneumatic transport

Pneumatic transport


Pneumatic transport is the use of a gas stream to transport loose and granular materials. This technology is used in the food, chemical, construction industries, etc.


The main pneumatic transport systems are:

  • vacuum transport
  • overpressure transport.


The pneumatic transport system consists of:

  •  power device (fan / blower / compressor / vacuum pump)
  • pipeline system with fittings
  • product dosing station (rotary valve / injector / conveyors, etc.)
  • product collection station (cyclones / filter / tank with filter)


Technical specifications

Optionality in the configuration of the pneumatic system depends on the type of the transported product, technological process and information from the customer. It is possible to make a pneumatic transport installation adapted to work in the ATEX explosion hazard zone.