Pneumatic transport testing station

Pneumatic transport testing station

Pneumatic transport testing station


Pneumatic transport testing station – its role is to empirically match the most optimal parameters of the pneumatic transport. Performing tests allows to design installations with optimum parameters, and to predict solutions to the upcoming transport problems when still at the design stage.

Station constructing

Tank 01.01- as a raw material buffer, a rubber tank has been applied, with advantages of:

  • fast unloading of difficult dry goods, without any leftovers in the tank,
  • quiet and efficient use of pneumatic beaters,
  • self-cleaning thanks to flexibility of the tank walls,
  • possibility of tanks versions being made in accordance with FDA


CYCL 02.01- Cyclone- a device which separates the transported material. The cyclone in ‘easy clean’ version has been applied, with the ability of easy cleaning of the inside.

GRCV 03.01- Trough conveyor was designed for a horizontal transport of delicate dry goods. Conveyor can be adjusted to the specifications of the transported material. Trough can be made of various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel or polymer.

FAN 04.01- Suctioning fan.