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About Company
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Our Company MYSAK

Mysak Group Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. is a Polish company with many years of experience operating in food and chemical industries. We design, manufacture and supply technological lines, machines and devices for the food, chemical and related industries in our own plant. We carry out design works, machines and devices construction based on the provisions of law in force in Poland as well as in the European Union. We offer solutions to unusual problems and the production of innovative technological lines using the latest technologies, proprietary and prototype solutions developed in cooperation with scientific and research units.

We deal with

  • designing and construction of technological lines for the food and chemical industries,
  • production of installations and technological stations,
  • preparation of technological and multi-branch projects,
  • modernization and adaptation of existing lines and devices,
  • designing technological devices and machines,
  • designing non-standard and innovative devices – prototypes,
  • development of ATEX explosion risk analyzes,
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

We specialize in:

  • transporting of products, pneumatic and mechanical transport,
  • dosing, weighing, portioning,
  • mixing processes (continuous and batch mixing),
  • thermal processes (drying, cooling),
  • packing in unit or collective packages,
  • storage (silos, tanks),
  • Big Bag systems,
  • Atex systems,
  • new technologies.

Company mission

Mysak Group has the investor’s goal and welfare in mind. We execute our orders in an effective and economical manner, applying the principle of economy in technical solutions. We are distinguished by the high quality of technological products and diligence in implementation. Mysak Group attaches great importance to conducting business in a manner consistent with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), putting emphasis on providing solutions with respect for the natural environment, human rights, ethics as well as fair business practices and sustainable development.

Our team

Our employees are well-known and valued specialists in the market of food and chemical installations, who have gained experience in the implementation of both medium and large projects. We also invest in young, talented and knowledge-hungry engineers. We work in small project teams where the natural transfer of experience and knowledge takes place. We focus on improving the skills of our employees by providing technical training and the possibility of scientific development. A team composed and prepared in this way makes us not only reliable, but most of all trustworthy.

The company's history

Mysak Group was established as a result of experience gained in the design of prototype machines and devices as well as the implementation of non-standard and individual technologies in multi-branch design and construction offices. It is a continuation of the activity of the design and engineering office established in 1991, and then transformed into a company thanks to the development and increasing number of implemented projects. For over 15 years of activity, as a result of the commitment and ideas of Mysak Group employees, many original machines, devices and industrial installations (including entire plants and complete production lines) were designed and made in the food, chemical and related industries. More information about the history and activities of MYSAK GROUP.