Spray Dryer

suszarnia rozpyłowa

Application Spray dryer is used in the process of drying and dehydrating substances from a solution or a colloid. Raw material can be in a form of a paste or liquid, and the end product of drying is fine powder, dust or agglomerate. Description The idea of the spraying dryer is spraying the liquid raw […]

Starch silo – starch storage system

Application Starch silo is designated for storing the starch flour, and its wor- king capacity is 10 000 tons. The silo can be accompanied by the raw material loading, unloading and pneumatic transport installations. Description Silo is a vertical cylinder-shaped tank with a diameter of 27m and total height of 35.74m. The main construction component […]

Sugar silo – sugar storing system

Application Silo is designated for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, granulates. Silo can be accompanied by installations of loading, unloading, and pneumatic transport of the raw material. Description Silo is built out of acid resistant steel. It is placed on a foundation slab and mounted to the slab with screws. On the outside […]

Fertilizer coating drum

Application The coating drum is a machine for coating granulated fertilizers with the use of an anti-caking agent. This drum is used in the chemical industry. Description The fertilizer is coated in the rotating drum chamber. The product is fed to the drum through the charge, then moved towards the discharge by the rotary movement […]

Line for mixing and dosing loose and powder products

Application Line finds application in food and chemical industries e.g. for pastry mix production, production of cakes, and also production of powders, capsules etc. Description: Line for mixing and dosing loose and powder products is designed for raw material unloading, dosing to the weighing tank, mixing, storing and transporting with an appropriate efficiency to the […]