The technological line for processing grinding and drying garlic

przenośnik taśmowy

Application The technological line for processing, grinding and drying garlic is used in the food industry and is an installation designed to prepare the product and marinade, as well as drying, grinding and transporting the finished garlic to the product warehouse. Description The installation is used for the processing of garlic heads both garlic in […]

The line for processing and drying onions

Application The line for processing and drying onions is used in the food industry and includes onions processing stages from storage to packing the finished product into bags. Description Onions are stored in wooden boxes. After pre-sorting, they must be peeled. Peeling onions can be done manually on a control table or automatically with using […]

Eggshell powder production line

Application Eggshell powder production line can be used in the food industry to produce dietary supplements rich in easily digestible calcium. Description Depending on delivery method, the eggs are unpacked and fed to the washing station, where they are pressure washed and then rinsed with warm water. After centrifugation, they go to the mill, where […]

Hygienic shredder

Application The hygienic shredder is used for grinding loose materials (e.g. granules, grains, powders), especially those that are highly hygroscopic and lumpy. The device can operate in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Description The special construction made of stainless steel allows the shredder to be disassembled into elements, providingthe hygiene of work. It is possible to […]