Eggshell powder production line

Eggshell powder production line

Eggshell powder production line

Eggshell powder production line can be used in the food industry to produce dietary supplements rich in easily digestible calcium.


Depending on delivery method, the eggs are unpacked and fed to the washing station, where they are pressure washed and then rinsed with warm water. After centrifugation, they go to the mill, where they are preliminary grinding, which supports the following processes: drying and sterilization. The eggshells are dried and sterilized using a screw dryer, and the grinding process takes place in a sieve mill. The shredded eggshells are transported to the buffer tank and packed in big bags or 25 kg bags.

Technical specification*

Eggshell powder production line consists of the following systems:

  • Raw material unloading station
  • Raw material washing station
  • Raw material centrifugation station
  • Screw dryer
  • Grinding shells mill
  • Product packaging station.

* Technological parameters and construction are individually adjusted to the needs of a customer.