Belt dryer is designated to continuously dry products of the food, chemical and others related industries. It can be used i.e. to dry vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, but also briquette, straw etc. Construction of the dryer and its process guarantee low consumption of energy.


Dryer consists of drying modules,  the initial module and  the final module. Raw material intake is located at the top of the initial module, and the raw material is transported with a belt conveyor. Outfall of the end product is located in the bottom part of the final module. Each module is equipped with an air heater and a circulation fan.

In order to intensify the drying process, a reversed direction of air to product has been applied (in one module bottom-to-top, top-to-bottom in the next one.) In the dryer construction narrow fine chambers, which by creating closed channels, enforce perpendicular flow of hot air through the product deposit. Dried goods are transported with a moving sieve one-sidedly covered with Teflon, mounted bilaterally on chains. Chain rollers move along the runners. Drier consists additionally of air takers with a filter, heaters, fans, pressure system for washing the net, carrying system, and system channeling the condensate out.


Technical specifications*

Key components of the dryer are:


*Technological parameters, device configuration and construction is individually adjusted to the needs of a customer