Mixing tank – Mixer

Zbiornik mieszający

Application The mixing tank is designed for mixing liquids and powders charging into the mixing chamber and discharging them in the form of a homogeneous mixture. The mixer is usable for mixing a wide variety of products and can be used in the chemical and related food industries. Description  The products are charged into the […]


Application: Mixer is a device designated to mix dry products placed in the mixing chamber and in effect creating a homogenous mixture. This device can be used to mix various product types and can find application in food, chemical and other related industries. Description: Inside the mixer body there is a shaft with a mixer […]

Fertilizer coating drum

Application The coating drum is a machine for coating granulated fertilizers with the use of an anti-caking agent. This drum is used in the chemical industry. Description The fertilizer is coated in the rotating drum chamber. The product is fed to the drum through the charge, then moved towards the discharge by the rotary movement […]

Line for mixing and dosing loose and powder products

Application Line finds application in food and chemical industries e.g. for pastry mix production, production of cakes, and also production of powders, capsules etc. Description: Line for mixing and dosing loose and powder products is designed for raw material unloading, dosing to the weighing tank, mixing, storing and transporting with an appropriate efficiency to the […]