Mixing tank – Mixer

Mixing tank – Mixer

Mixing tank – Mixer


The mixing tank is designed for mixing liquids and powders charging into the mixing chamber and discharging them in the form of a homogeneous mixture.
The mixer is usable for mixing a wide variety of products and can be used in the chemical and related food industries.


The products are charged into the mixing chamber where a homogeneous mixture is formed. In the body of the mixer there is an agitator which rotates around its axis to mix the processed material. Each mixer is equipped with nozzles or hoppers through which the raw material is dosed.

The basic elements of the mixer are:

  • Mixing chamber
  • Motorized agitator
  • Inspection hatch
  • Mixer frame

Technical specifications*

Depending on the application, we produce standard mixers, as well as on special order. The size and design of the mixer are determined on the basis of information about the product and parameters from the customer.