Starch modifications production line

Starch modifications production line

Starch modifications production line


Starch modifications production line is used in the food industry. Modification of starch allows for obtaining products that form solutions with the desired physicochemical
parameters such as viscosity, clarity, and also makes it possible to swell or dissolve in cold water.


Starch milk is used as a raw material for the modified starches production. The starch milk is heated in the reactor, then the cross-linking agent is added. After the reaction is completed, the solution is neutralized and the starch milk is directed to the dehydrator. Next, a starch solution is prepared and fed to the drying, sifting and packaging process.

Technical specification*

The line for the production of starch modifications E 1422 consists of:

  • Meal tank – silo
  • Reactor
  • Drainage station
  • Transport system
  • Pneumatic dryer
  • Sieving and packing station


* The stages and elements of the technological line may differ depending on the type of modification. The execution of individual elements.