Implementaion and delivery

Implementaion and delivery

Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. sp.k. offers the production of:


– installations for the transport and unloading of raw materials of the food industry, household chemicals, industrial chemicals,

– dosing, portioning and process weighing installations for loose and liquid products,

– installations for efficient raw material dosing, volumetric and weight dosing systems,

– mechanical in-house transport installations,

– pneumatic transport installation,

– unloading station for products from 25 kg bags, Big Bags, barrels, pallet containers, tanks, etc.

– unloading station for products such as car tipplers, charging hoppers, road tankers, flour transporters, etc.

– installations for mixing food and chemical products,

– installations for mixing substances in the field of organic and industrial chemistry,

– product drying installation,

– installations for thermal treatment of products,

– installations for the storage of raw materials in accordance with the requirements of the health and safety at work, ensuring their safety and optimal storage conditions,

– installations for semi-automatic and automatic packaging of products,

– Big Bag packing installations,

– installations for packing in 5-25 kg bags,

– installation of aspiration,

– installation for aspiration, including dedusting, steam removal and cooling of the raw material, rooms, machines and devices,

– CIP installations (central washing installations),

– installations for mixing flour, baking additives and feed,

– installations for the bakeries and pastry shops,

– installations for waste management,


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We deliver devices, machines and technological lines to the place of destination, meeting the previously agreed conditions in terms of quantity, quality and completion date. We attach the greatest importance to the reliability of the services provided, health and safety rules as well as product labeling and packaging during transport.