Cyclones are designated for mechanical separation, and clearing gasses of solid particles suspended in them e.g. in driers and in aspiration installations of machines. They are used in all branches of industry wherever there is a pneumatic transport drying, dusting etc.


Simple construction. Low weight. Ability to construct out of stainless materials. Placement of cyclones possible both inside the hall and outside. Ability to construct the cyclone batteries (multi-cyclones).

New! We can manufacture cyclones of a very high efficiency.

Efficiency comparable with dust collectors, but at a much lower price


Cyclone has a segment construction which makes the assembly easy. Cyclone construction can be made of a regular quality metal sheet or stainless. Top part is a cylindrical tank with an intake stub pipe attached tangentially. Lower part of the cylinder is finished with a dust stub pipe. The exhaust pipe is placed centrally from the top within the cyclone axis

Technical specification
Cyclone construction and throughput are set based on the information on the transported.