Bag emptying station

Bag emptying station

Bag emptying station


Bag emptying station is a device designed for emptying bags of loose materials, eliminating the possibility of dusted the work place. Bag emptying station is used in the food, chemical and related industries.


The emptying bags station enables easy, dust-free emptying of the bags by the operator. The size and equipment of the station is adapting to specific installations. The bag emptying station is a self-supporting structure with a hopper. There is a grille or sieve above the charging hopper to prevent foreign objects from getting through. The station is equipped with an internal filter with a fan or a connector to the dedusting system. The whole unit is closed with a cover, the lifting of which is facilitates by gas springs. Depending on the application, the station can be executed in a segmented structure that facilitates assembly or in a hygienic system. It is possible to make a multi-stations unit.

Technical specification*

The hopper is equipped with connectors for mounting level sensors and opening for mounting vibrating bin aerators

Basic elements of the bag emptying station:

  • hopper with a bottom flange,
  • discharge corps with cover,
  • sedimentary sieve or grille
  • dust filter or aspiration connector
  • additional equipment: sieve vibration, level sensors, vibrating bin aerators, pneumatic bumpers, cover bolt

*Technological parameters and construction are individually adjusted to the needs of a customer.