Drum Granulator

Drum Granulator

Drum Granulator


Drum granulator is designated to granulate do dry goods such as powders and dusts. Granulating is an ongoing process.


Drum granulator has a rotating cylindrical tank supported by four castors, which is slightly tilted at an angle of 2-5°.

Granulator consists of a fixed amount, a rocking frame with the drum and protective cover with the control cabinet attached to it. Drum driven by rollers. Raw material is distributed through the upper end of the drum, and there sprayed with a liquid bonding solution. Granulator is operated on an ongoing basis thanks to shifting the granulated material around.

Maximum agglomeration is achieved thanks to the application of the board which enables lifting of the raw material inside the drum. Spraying nozzles mounted movably enable change of the mounting position.

Technical specification:

Basic elements of the drum granulator:

  • Drum DN 500
  • Propulsion and the propulsion transfer system
  • Spraying nozzles

Dimensions  1800/1500/1000mm

Productivity ca. 500 kg/h

*Technological parameters and construction are individually adjusted to the needs of a customer.