Designing is a necessary and extremely important element of the investment. We are a company aware of the customer needs. We are designing machines and devices, including atypical and innovative devices – prototypes. We are specializing in designs of complete technological lines.

Our design activities include:

  • conceptual designs,
  • technological projects,
  • multi-sector projects,
  • detailed designs.


Each device, machine and technological line, is designed taking into account the needs and guidelines received from the Investor. We design from scratch, as well as carry out adaptation and modernization projects.

Designing technological lines is not only our job, but also a passion, and our team is characterized by professionalism and attention to the details.


In our work, we are using specialized 3D software that ensures a high standard of projects and enables individual adjustment of production installations to the client capabilities.

The machines we create are characterized by high efficiency and reliability, their buyers avoid problematic situations related to unexpected failures that could expose a given company to large losses. The purchase of our products becomes a profitable investment for many years, appreciated by customers looking for proven and durable solutions, furthermore the risk of premature failure is negligible.

In our work, we are using innovative solutions, we are looking for optimal and environmentally friendly technologies. We carry out all projects with the utmost diligence in accordance with the standards and legal regulations in force in the country and the European Union.

The technological lines designed by us, their parameters, device configurations and structures are each time adapted to the needs of the client. This is one of the reasons why we enjoy great recognition among the constantly growing group of  our services users.