Big-Bag unloading station

Big-Bag unloading station

Big-Bag unloading station


Unloading station is meant for emptying Big-Bags of dry goods or granulated goods. Station finds itself useful in food, chemical or other related types of industries.


Big-Bag unloading station enables safe, easy and most of all dustless emptying of bags. Structure frames are adjusted to specific applications of the customer, and each has functions improving processing of every bag. Our stations are highly efficient and dependable. Frame construction is made of steel metallurgical profiles, powder-painted carbon steel or stainless steel

Dane techniczne*

Key components of the unloading station:

  • electrical hoist and abeam or construction designated for the forklift loading,
  • bag seat with the mechanism supporting the material dumping.

Depending on the option, the product is transported:

  • by gravity
  • with a dosing floodgate (rotary feeder)
  • with screw conveyor or spiral conveyor.