Note: Projects and installations were carried out by teams involving individuals from various companies.


  • Participation in the 11th edition of the International Fair of Bulk and Bulk Material Processing, Storage and Transport, SyMas 2019.
  • Presentation at the Workshops Seminar:
    • Technologies of in-house transport and storage of loose products in industry. Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Dariusz Kryszak
  • Participation in the specialized Powtech 2019 fair in Nuremberg.
    Presentation at the expert forum:

    • Types of mechanisms in the transport of loose products in the food and chemical industry. Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Dariusz Kryszak
  • Obtaining a silver EcoVadis medal.
  • Conducting engineering workshops organized by the Poznań University of Technology as part of Case Week 2019.
  • A technical design of a process shifter  for a plant producing concrete blocks was made.
  • A Big Bag loading station was built for the bakery and confectionery mix production plant.
  • A  line for  root vegetables binding ( parsley, celery, carrot, leek, asparagus, onion) was made.
  • The silica transport system in the rubber products manufacturing plant was modernized.
  • A construction design  with a 3D visualization of the potato washing station was made.
  • A project of green coffee pneumatic transport was made.
  • A system for supporting the unloading of Big Bags was made in a natural fertilizer production plant.
  • A technological design for the modernization of packaging for sugar factories was carried out. A multi-storey facility with many industry connections.
  • A transmission and heating system for tanks  as well as a warehouse for technological oils in a rubber products production plant was made.
  • The soot and silica system was expanded in the rubber products manufacturing plant. The system is based on mechanical and pneumatic transport, dosing, weighing and dust removal.
  • A vehicle tippler for the whole car  for a producer of frozen vegetables and fruits was made.
  • Installation of potato protein recovery was made.
  • A coating drum for a fertilizer production plant was manufactured.



  • Participation in the 10th edition of the  International Fair of Bulk and Bulk Material Processing, Storage and Transport, SyMas 2018
  • Presentations at the workShops Seminar:
    • Pneumatic and mechanical transport in the operation of loading and unloading starch for a 10 thousand tons silo. Mysak Group Sp. z o. o. Sp. k., Paweł Tomtas
    • Conveyors types used in the transport of loose products in the food and chemical industries. Mysak Group Sp. z o. o. Sp. k., Dariusz Kryszak
    • Application of spray dryers in the food and chemical industries. Trade Mysak Group Sp. z o. o. Sp. k., Tymoteusz Mysakowski
  • Conducting engineering workshops organized at the Poznań University of Technology as part of Case Week 2018
  • Design and commissioning of the potato flake line was made. Introduced interesting technical solutions.
  • A complete starch drying unit was made to a high hygienic and energetic standard.
  • The starch dryer plant was modernized, including the optimization of the dryers.
  • Explosion protection documentation for the pneumatic transport and starch storage systems was prepared.
  • A Big Bag loading station for the chocolate production plant was made.
  • A conceptual design to analyze the problem of unloading a sugar tanker was made.
  • Installation of potato protein recovery was made.
  • Interesting technical and technological solutions were applied.
  • The soot transfer facility at the rubber products plant was modernized.
  • A lead oxygen dosing and transport system was made.
  • Venturi Scrubber completed. The scrubber was shipped to a food manufacturing plant in Chile.


  • Participation in  International Trade Fair for Processing, Storage and Transport of Bulk and Bulk Materials, the SyMas 2017.
  • Presentation at the workShops seminar:
    Pneumatic transport of loose materials. Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., Dariusz Kryszak
  • Participation in the Powtech 2017 Specialist Fair in Nuremberg. Company presentation at the stand.
  • Participation in the international conference „Starch Industry – Opportunities Market” in Moscow.
    Lecture on „Methods (technology) and installations for the production of modified starches.” Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., Mieczysław Mysakowski
  • An article in EuroBulk System regarding the completed investment of a starch silo with a capacity of 10,000 tons.
  • Participation in the second edition of the WARSAW FOOD TECH 2017 Food Technology fair. Company Presentation at the stand.
  • Potato loading and cleaning station was modernized
  • Design and construction of an installation for dosing and storage of loose products.
  • Technological project of maltitol transport was prepered.
  • Starch loading installations were made.
  • The potato pulp desander was made.
  • Construction of a silica and soot pneumatic transport system.
  • Construction of pigment unloading station.
  • Starch milk tanks were made.
  • Big bag unloading station was made.
  • Performing a heat source change at the dryer.
  • Implementation of a binding line for root vegetables.
  • Implementation of a steam cleaner.
  • Fuller pump was made.


  • Participation in  International Trade Fair for Processing, Storage and Transport of Bulk and Bulk Materials, the SyMas 2016.
  • Presentation at the workShops seminar:
    Drying of loose products. Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Mieczysław Mysakowski
  • Participation in the Powtech 2016 Specialist Fair in Nuremberg. company presentation at the stand.
  • Execution of a sesame seed huller.
  • Execution of the Venturi Scrubber.
  • Implementation of installations for unloading, storing and transporting of sugar.
  • Modernization of the coal crushing and dosing installation.
  • Execution of a spray dryer.
  • Execution of  pneumatic transport installation.
  • Design of an installation for the production of egg shells powder.
  • Design of setting up devices for paper rolls  transport.
  • Execution of an installation for dosing loose products.
  • Implementation of a starch silo with a capacity of 10,000 tons.


  • Execution of a technological installation for the cleaning agents production .
  • Execution of a dryer with a cooler unit.
  • Execution a scrubber.
  • Execution of an impregnates preparation station.
  • Designing of a tunnel for steaming dumplings and an automatic washer for smoking nets
  • Execution of a juice pasteurizer.
  • Execution of the technological part of the CIP installation on the ketchup line.


  • Execution of a big bag emptying system.
  • Execution of an mixing of powder instalation for the baking industry.
  • Execution of a belt dryer for drying charcoal briquettes.
  • Execution of a horizontal ribbon mixer.
  • Execution of a compound feed production line.
  • Execution of sesame pulp pasteurizer.
  • Execution of electronic cigarette cartridges production line .


  • Participation in the specialized industrial fair Powtech in Nuremberg – company exhibition stand.
  • Participation in the specialized industrial fair Symas in Cracow – company exhibition stand and seminars.
  • Presentation at the Symas seminar:
    Hermetic mixing and presentation lines with the use of modern linking systems Mysak Group Sp. z o.o., Dariusz Kryszak, Tymoteusz Mysakowski
  • Designing and installation of 3 dry goods mixing lines.
  • Installation of the coal shaving crushing line.
  • Designing and installation of the extradited products pneumatic transport system.


  • Preparing design and specialized devices for a test station: Thermal coal processing.
  • Installation of the Fuller pump.
  • Installation of the preparation station of the components for food mixes production.
  • Installation and analysis of the explosion hazard (ATEX) for the sugar refinery working stations.
  • Installation of the bucket conveyor for potatoes.
  • Designing and installation for the production of chocolate syrup with high content of dry mass.
  • Modernizing the sugar transporting and storing system.
  • Designing and installation for chemical industry impregnates preparation.
  • Installation of the specialized mixer for dry goods on the client’s special demand.
  • Installation of the pallet containers elevating system.
  • Installation of the automatic sauce dosing system.


  • Designing and installation for packaging the yeast.
  • Designing and installation mixing the feeding industry mixes – devices eliminating former process errors have been applied.
  • Prototype installation for powders continual granulation.
  • Installation of a press forming salt licks.
  • Installation of a loading station and an automatic probe for transporting coffee.
  • Installation of the alternative fuels drier.
  • Installation of an automatic Big-bag packing machine.
  • Installation for chocolate.
  • Installation of the starch pneumatic transport.
  • Installation of the ‘kitchen’ dust collecting.
  • Installation of an automatic washing device for box pallets.


  • Article titled Dry Goods Mixing Line – published in a branch magazine – PICKLING & BREADMAKING.
  • Installation of a sugar silo including the pneumatic transport system and 2 dosing systems.
  • Installation of aggressive chemicals mixing for preparation of batteries and acid battery cells production.


  • First National Conference Powder and Bulk ‘Dry and Mass Goods’, organized by editors of Powder&Bulk: Big-Bag systems.


  • Article in a branch magazine Powder & Bulk no. 2/2008 in the Market news section – CYLINDRIC (ROTARY) SCREEN RP-250.
  • Article in a branch magazine Powder & Bulk no. 3/2008 in the Market news section – Big-Bag STATION for unloading raw materials.


  • Installation of a feed factory.
  • Manufacturing a specialized washing device for pallet containers in fish industry.
  • Technical design of the factory producing feed from the food industry waste – innovative technology.


  • Designing the construction of potato flakes line.
  • Installation of the sugar pneumatic transport technical project.
  • Technical project installation, transporting and launching the potato protein line.
  • Starch syrup installation.
  • Manufacturing barrels for wet and dry coating.
  • Installation of heat recovery systems in driers – 6 units.
  • Manufacturing car tipplers on client’s individual demand.
  • Installation of hygienic and dust-free system of 4 Big-bag stations including the dosing system.



  • Designing pipelines for chocolate transport
  • Installation design of a central vacuum cleaning with ATEX safety included
  • Expansion of 3-belt drier, the goal was to increase the efficiency without changes in parameters or the extradited products drying technology.
  • Installing a few projects of starch unit modernization with obtaining the construction permit.
  • Installation of cereal pneumatic transport.
  • Explosion suppression in a flour and sugar silo.
  • Installation of a ‘small starch factory’ to recover starch from potato waste – unique solutions.
  • Installation for sesame seed roasting
  • Installation of grinder for very high efficiency feed granulation adjustment.
  • Installing a special dust collector for salt.


  • Registering and launching the activity under the MYSAK organizational structure.
  • Designing a genuine construction of a specialized pulso-fluid drier, manufacturing and launching several units.


  • Analysis and measuring of the belt drier for potato cubes and modernization project. The goal was efficiency improvement of the existing drier.


  • Design and implementation supervision of the baking mixes factory. 3 individual production lines have been made.


  •  Design of a pilot installation for starch foundry production – manufacturing, installation and launching supervision. Starch foundry is a product of starch hydrolysis (starch raw material). Starch raw material is grain starch refined from grain flour or grain middlings, especially of wheat type. Other components are: water, sodium lye, perhydrol. The design included the installation project and constructing projects of individual technological devices such as:
    • reactors
    • stirrers
    • dosing devices

If you are interested in details, please contact us.


  • Design of potato protein recovery unit including the implementation supervision


  • Design of Pepsi-Cola syrup factory enabling soda production


  • Designs of edible oil shielding installation (shielding with inert gas).


  • Sole proprietorship. Designing food industry factories and constructing food machines.
  • Participating in designing new factory of potato processing into chips, fries, flakes, granulate and snacks, as a reuse of the shut down nuclear plant in Zarnowiec.
  • Auxiliary objective of design and installation of potato storage in the form of box-pallets.


  • Obtaining the utility model no. 41108 from Polski Urząd Patentowy, titled SEGMENT AIR HEATER PARTICULARLY FOR DRIERS.


  • Designing and innovative steam heater for driers allowing to easily diagnose leakage without complicated disassembling.