Binding line for flowers and vegetables

Binding line for flowers and vegetables

Binding line for flowers and vegetables


Binding line for flowers and vegetables is designated for mechanical binding of plants such as: asparagus, leek, carrot or parsley. Using this line in the vegetables binding process accelerates the implementation of vegetable harvesting through quick packaging and shipment of goods, and allows to save time and energy spent on storage process. This line is also used to shape bundles of small and delicate plants or flowers.


The main part of the binding line for vegetables is a collecting conveyor, which task is to position and transport vegetables or flowers through the strapping machine. Vegetables are bundled on a special platform, which ensures adjustment of binding parameters depending on the needs. The binded vegetables go to the receiving conveyor and are transported to the turntable, which acts as a buffer and enables packing vegetables into collective packaging. The operator’s task is to arrange the plants on the conveyor and collect the related products from the rotary table.

Technical specification*

The semi-automatic binding line for vegetables consists of three main segments:

  • conveyor with collectors for strapping machine,
  • one or two string binding machines,
  • receiving conveyor,
  • turntable.

*Technological parameters, device configuration and construction is individually adjusted to the needs of a customer