Design of industrial installations

We design and manufacture devices, machines and complete installations for the food, chemical and related industries. The machines and devices that we produce enable the preparation of various types of raw material:  unloading, washing, drying, grinding or dosing. It is also equipment for transporting, packing and storing products.

Designing production lines

It is worth emphasizing that the designs of machines, devices and production lines are created in our professional design office. We carry out design work in the scope of food installations based on the current legal regulations in Poland and the European Union.

A fully equipped design office with the latest software gives us the opportunity to create the best and most durable solutions available on the market. Our projects are characterized not only by functionality, but above all safety.

In our work we use proven and professional software related to installations for the food industry, which allows us to avoid errors and mistakes, as well as adapt the designs to the current legal standards.

Devices manufacturer with many years of experience

We have many years of experience and the necessary knowledge, which we constantly develop. This is the reason we are able to carry out the various orders for our clients, performing our duties in a fully professional and reliable manner. In our work we are using only the most modern technologies, specializing in installations for the food and chemical industry.

The Mysak Group company provides services for many industries, in particular for manufacturers for the following industries: