About us


MYSAK GROUP always put the investor’s interest and goals first. We perform in an efficient and economical way, applying the principle of thriftiness in technical solutions.
We are distinguished by the highest quality of technological products and implementation activities. We have earned respect and trust of our clients and competitors. We want our client to say about us, “This is the best Polish company in the industry.” Surely, we can guarantee your success.

Resources and facilities

The main and one of the most important business assets of the MYSAK GROUP is human resources. We have very good and competent engineers, skilled designers – engineers. All of our people have adequate experience gained in the implementation of the medium-sized and large investment projects. We promote the skill development of our team. We provide training, both technical and in terms of foreign languages or customer service. We work in small teams, where there is a natural transfer of experience and knowledge. It is very beneficial for our young, ambitious employees. This way, our employees are simply the best.

Company history

Mysak Group Sp. z o.o. sp.k. is the result of a combination of experience gained in the implementation of various prototype machines and devices in the construction offices and implementation of unusual and unique technologies in multidiscipline design offices. As a result of the transformation, it is a continuation of the designing-engineering office formed in 1991. The transformation resulted from the growth, development and formal structure change from self-employment to a company. This ensures continuity in the development of well-known and refined technologies as well as high quality of MYSAK GROUP products and services.
For a period of about 15 years, as a result of the MYSAK GROUP team commitment and ideas, many original structures, machines, devices and industrial installations (plants and process lines) were created in the field of food industry, chemical industry and related industries.
Experienced employees are well-known and respected figures on the food installation market in Poland. Therefore, we can be trusted.
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